IH-10 Bridge-Model
IH-10 Bridge-Scan
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Our core technology includes Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Hydrographic Acoustic Imaging, High Definition Laser Scanning and Remote Sensing. LJA Engineering and its team of strategic alliance partners provide these services across an expansive geographical area and include projects that vary in size, scope and complexity.

LJA Engineering is committed to providing the highest quality of professional surveying and mapping services to all of our clients. Therefore, we have developed a management plan that provides all project team members with written guidelines to assist them in performing their work and meet our commitment to excellence.

Our management plan has a set of procedures designed to ensure compliance with our client’s standards and processes and that the final product meets or exceeds the required technical and performance requirements. At LJA Engineering we achieve excellence and maintain a level of quality in the services and products provided by inspecting or reviewing work samples and assessing what changes may be necessary.

LJA Engineering, meeting the challenges of tomorrow, today. Call us to help you meet your challenge.