Aerial Photogrammetric Mapping

Mapping the World Below

Through our Business Alliance Partnerships, LJA Engineering has been providing quality aerial mapping and remote sensing services to its clients for over 10 years. Digital orthophotos are used by engineers, designers, developers and environmental scientists on a wide variety of projects. Orthophotos can be delivered in color or black and white depending upon client needs.

With digital equipment, the quality and detail is greater than ever before. Ground sample distances can be six inches to one foot. Example of street and highway projects completed by LJA Engineering that utilized these orthophotos include:

  • U.S Highway 287 Rehabilitation and Widening Project in Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Calder Avenue Street and Drainage Project in Beaumont, Texas
  • County Wide Orthophoto Project for Jefferson County, Texas

In addition, airborne remote sensing can provide hyperspectral imaging and mapping of features not visible to the human eye. Applications include:

  • Vegetation Delineation
  • Invasive Species Mapping
  • Coastal Sea Life Mapping
  • Forest Health Assessment
  • Aquatic Vegetation Mapping
  • Saltwater vs. Freshwater Mapping
  • Oil Spill Mapping
  • Toxic Contamination Mapping

These services are provided to customers in Transportation, Utilities, Water Resouces, Land Development and Environmental Reclamation.