Construction Layout & Staking

Construction Layout and Stakeout

LJA Engineering has experience in performing construction staking surveys for warehouse construction, hotel construction, shopping center design projects, environmental remediation and other industrial and commercial construction projects.

LJA Engineering utilizes the latest technology in equipment and methods for cost efficiency according to the project requirements.  Our highly accurate Trimble R8 dual frequency GPS equipment can be used in Static, Fast-static or Real Time Kinematic (RTK) mode for rapid stakeout.

Further use of our precise automatic and digital levels yield the highest accuracy in establishment of vertical control.   Other projects may best be served utilizing our Trimble 5600 Robotic Total Station with remote prism or reflectorless mode.  This equipment is capable of operation by a single field operator.

Field crews can mobilize quickly, usually within 24 hours to provide rapid on-call service to clients. All field personnel have the necessary first aid and industrial safety training to meet client requirements. In addition, many of field crews have completed the 40 hour HAZMAT training allowing them to work on a wider range of projects.