GIS & Mapping Services

Geographic Information System Mapping

LJA Engineering provides project management to coordinate all aspects of the mapping project, from ground control for aerial photographic missions to field data collection, culminating in the delivery of quality orthophotos and digital maps and associated databases with metadata.

Maps are an important resource of valuable information to businesses across the globe.  Growth in technology has provided a wealth of information to be made available through remote sensing and satellite imagery. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provides detailed database information along with high-quality maps.

Examples include surface ownership, sub-surface mineral lease, well location maps, pipeline location maps, city annexation maps, and industrial plant infrastructure maps. LJA Engineering produced the Spindletop 2001 Commemorative Map showing the location of the original Lucas Gusher of 1901 and adjacent survey tracts of Gladys City overlaid on the 1995 color aerial photograph.

Other mapping projects include production of color surface and mineral ownership maps for the E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Beaumont Works Facility, city limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction maps for the City of Silsbee and City of Vidor.

In 2006, LJA Engineering worked with the Jefferson County Engineer to develop GIS data and layersets of all county owned or maintained structures in Jefferson County.  The data is used in facility maintenance and to help assist in determining and maintaining the proper insurance values.

LJA Engineering has implemented a centralized GIS and Web Mapping System, successfully integrating ESRI ArcGIS and Autodesk Software into a workable partnership.  GIS data and maps that are supplied to various clients, including the Oil and Gas industry, local government entities, and engineering firms.  As a result, LJA Engineering is now using GIS maps for live, real world problem solving, for its clients.