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 Marking the Boundaries

Boundary surveys are performed to locate and delineate the location of real property boundary lines. These surveys include small residential lots or tracts containing less than 1 acre of land upwards to tracts containing thousands of acres of land. LJA Engineering routinely performs these land boundary surveys for both individual and corporate clients.

All surveys are performed in accordance with rules and regulations set forth by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying, as well as the standards listed in the Manual of Practice for Land Surveying in the State of Texas by the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors.

In addition, LJA Engineering has surveyed large timber tracts containing several thousand acres for Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, Temple-Inland, and Champion International.  Boundary lines were established with the lines true-lined, hacked and blazed. Other large boundary survey projects have included pulp and paper mills, plywood plants, and lumber mills.