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Oil & Gas-Upstream

LJA Engineering provides a wide range of surveying services to clients in energy related fields. Upstream, survey services include surveying to stake wells, padsites, access roads and pipeline routes from the well to collection or transmission sites.
All wells are staked using survey grade Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment to provide high accuracy locations. This enables field crews to work more efficiently and lowers the cost of surveys, even in remote areas.
Working with the landmen who research the surface ownership, oil and gas mineral ownership and leases, LJA Engineering provides the client with well plats and unit lease maps for use in permit application with the Texas Railroad Commission. Survey Technicians develop easement plats and descriptions for acquisition of pipeline rights-of-way or roadway access.
We are a Geospatial Surveying and Mapping firm established in 1992, committed to holding to the highest ethics and standards in providing our clients with the premium quality of survey products and services they expect.
We are members of both ISNetworld and PICS contractor prequalification screening and safety compliance assurance.

  • Established reputation with major oil & gas clients throughout Texas and Southwest Louisiana
  • Experienced team of highly skilled and qualified personnel in surveying and mapping of Energy Exploration related projects
  • Technology capabilities include the latest in Advanced Geospatial Technology such Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), High Definition Laser Scanning and Remote Sensing
  • History of responsiveness and communication leading to the successful completion of projects within client’s schedule and budget