Subdivision Layout and Platting

Land Development and Subdivision Planning

Subdivision are created when land is divided into two or more tracts or parcels. State statutes and local ordinances set minimum requirements that must be taken into consideration and met before a Subdivision Plat can be dedicated and filed in the county records. Many local jurisdictions also have zoning ordinances that can further limit or provide minimum requirements for development in some areas.

Knowledge of state laws and local ordinances concerning zoning and platting requirements is a must.  LJA Engineering has an excellent reputation of working with public officials to ensure the client is aware of local requirements and that the needs and schedule of the client are met in a timely manner.

We have a long history of working with licensed engineers, architects and environmental scientists for the design of drainage and street improvements and other utilities or infrastructure. Whether the subdivision is for residential, commercial or industrial development, LJA Engineering can accommodate projects of any size.