Topographic Design Survey

Topographic Design Surveys

Since early 1997, LJA Engineering has been performing topographic surveys for engineering design projects, environmental impact assessment projects, drainage studies, highway design and construction, airport runway layouts, hotel construction, shopping center design projects, telecommunication sites and other industrial and commercial projects.

Examples include the 10,000 acre Willow Marsh Watershed project and the 11,000 acre Green Pond Detention Basin project completed for Jefferson County Drainage District 6. LJA Engineering performed topographic field-to-finish surveying and development of Digital Terrain Models of the watersheds for computerized hydraulic analysis.

Other examples include the Sabine Neches Waterway dredging project where surveys have been ongoing to determine earthwork and volumetric calculations for multiple spoil disposal placement areas. LJA Engineering has utilized airborne Lidar supplemented with on the ground GPS topographic surveys to collect real world terrain feature data that is used to create 3D Digital Terrain Models for use in containment levee design.

LJA Engineering recently completed boundary and topographic surveys for the Beaumont Independent School District’s Bond Improvement Project for use by architectural consultants to design new elementary, middle and high schools.

The Crockett Street Waterway and Downtown Event Center Project for the City of Beaumont was completed by LJA Engineering in 2008. Topographic surveying to collect existing buildings, utilities, terrain features, roadways, parking lots, lightpoles, sidewalks, etc. was performed by experienced survey techinicians.

Finished drawings were provided to the team of architects and engineers to complete design of this innovative green project. LJA Engineering also provided construction layout and staking of key infrasture and buildings including the new park and event center.